Jess (badasssftbller) wrote in softball_dykes,

Long Awaited Post

So I haven't updated in forever! What's new what's new? Season starts in one month. It's gonna be hella crazy! Time to start getting serious about running that damn mile every other day again. Oh well I can't wait for some long awaited softball action!

I think I'm gonna order the Stacy Nuveman (sp?) poster from a website I found. If I find out what the site it again I'll post it on here for all you USA softball fans.

Got some awesome softball lounge pants, and my sister got me a ceramic star that says "Real Girls Play Real Sports" or something...and it has a softball in the middle of the star.

I just remembered something that my friend said last year while we were at a big softball tournament. She said she felt surrounded by lesbians, and she asked me, jokingly of course, if tournaments were a way that we recruited lol...oh good Lord gotta love my straight friends that's for sure!

If you want to become a member leave a comment and I'll get you added. For those of you who are POST SOMETHING! lol

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